Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Legend of Fiog......continues :-S

Okay....where to begin? After finishing off that really bad version of my college film in 2001 (and still thinking that "I knew it all) , I stuck the idea away for ages. I got my first job in animation and realized that there's so much more to animation than what I thought. Besides all the fantastic drawings, painting, animation, line-tests, storyboards etc etc, there's that whole pre-production side of the industry which I just LOVE!

Okay, I admit I'm just a wannabe concept/story artist at this stage.
Sometimes I watch films or animated films and think, "gee, that could've been a heck of a lot more powerful/wonderful" if.......I dare not say what I think hehe, I know I would have a heck of a lot of people to answer to.

Anyways, not straying too much from the subject. So, as I mentioned before, my college film was a disaster but now with some professional experience I'm ready to give it another whirl. At this stage I'm just doing concept work on the character. Her name is Fiog. It's Irish for Maiden or Twigs. In my mind I sort of imagined this character to be connected with nature, sort of like an indian guru or a witch without the fantastic powers. I didn't want to create the typical sexy girl in rags, I want a natural looking girl, skinny, she has a family, the style is not cartoony but easy enough to be animated because I intend doing the animation myself (LOL)

Fiog's story is a tragic one, she re-lives her past everyday, her family was murdered by the neighbour village, she lives on an island (impossible for her to abandon), she lives off the land and remembers her family....she blames herself for her powers. Now and again people seek her wisdom...that is the only company she has. That's the rough story, pretty tragic, huh? I love it!

The drawings are mostly of Fiog, her mother, and lover. I started making a sculpture that I know I'll never be able to complete because the designs keep on changing, nevertheless I still like the rough outcome of it. It gave me some insight into keeping it simple again!

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