Sunday, August 31, 2008

Concept Stuff

These are pretty straight forward, I found this little color studyI used for BG for the short "Chinchillas" I did a while back. Not really similar to final product but it helped!

The next is just a little drawing I did for my college film in Ballyfermot College. I thought I would stick it on the blog just as a reminder to keep things simple! My college film was a bit of a mess cause I wanted to do much in such a short time. In the end it just did not make any sense at all, it just looked like someone got a blind person to edit the film...but we don't call these mistakes, we call this EXPERIENCE! LOL


tinylittlesandra said...

Chinchillas! I'd recognise it anywhere :P can you put this up??? - the animation I mean...

Tim Dowling said...

Yeah, I have it on youtube too, it's also on my showreel. I think it's ok to have it online. The re-designs look nothing like these.
Cheers T