Friday, March 27, 2009

Bologna Bookfair!

Back from Bologna, it was an educational trip more than anything else. The most important things I've learnt at the bookfair was that you gotta ask, keep asking....and twist and turn your questions around so you get all the info you need. They don't hand it over to you. The response was all varied. A few people liked my work, a few LOVED it, one or two people looked like they hated it and then the rest didn't think I could come close enough to what they do. I think I could probably fit in anywhere but of course, they wouldn't know's probably a good thing though, I don't think I'd like to do someone else's style...I'm still figuring out what mine is. A lot of people liked the animation edge I brought to the illustrations but they all ALL ALL said they wanted more real paintings. So, I'm gonna do some of that now. I think it'll be good for me anyway. Of course you know as soon as my folio is filled with "real" paintings, some genius will come around with totally cool photoshop painted stuff.
I saw so many different's a shame that most people don't work on their presentations....they have lots and lots of loose papers and original works with them.
I saw one girl's illustrations there, oh...they were beautiful...all over it was a very inspiring trip. Very intense, lots and lots of people and I'm SO going back next year! The illustrator's exhibition was just great as well...hopefully my stuff will be there one day as well (ahhh wishful thinking :-))

I'm posting up some of the recent work I've been doin...I'll have a go at water colouring them some time and post them up! If you have an tips on watercolouring and oil painting, do send me a link or leave a comment :-)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Week 2 in Life-drawing

So, I posted one of my home-work assignments from the life-drawing classes already. Here's the last one I did on Friday night. I'm actually really proud of this one because after watching "Secret of Kells" (which is so beautiful, go and see it!!!) I had a pint with some friends I met in the cinema and went home to do the assignment. I thought that was pretty good of me, I could have easily stayed for 2 more pints - actually I'm a little bit intimidated by this life-drawing teacher. He teaches in NCAD and is kinda strict (let's just say I don't want to get on his bad side ;-))

The other two are from the model. It was pretty intense....only 3 poses in 3 hours. Phew....of course I'm not used to drawing with a paint brush - does it show?? LOL I thought painting the background in red was a strange thing to do, but the teacher said that classical artist did so to give a better comparison to dark and light, red because it's vibrant and portrays blood in the veins of the model. Thought that was pretty cool!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Here's one of the home-work assignments done, tonight I'll finish off the other one in pastel...I'm awful looking in this..ah well! LOL