Sunday, May 31, 2009


Here's a photo of my latest creation. I thought since Moni ( a colleague from Boulder Media ) is having a baby, I should try to challenge myself to make a baby's jumper. I hope the colours are okay, I tried staying to neutral colours since I don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl !

I had to start over just once for this one. Since I don't know how to follow any patterns I just knit and see how it goes. I think it's the trouble if you haven't learned knitting from a professional or in school. Nevertheless I enjoy knitting and all of my mistake-knitting goes into making a large blanket. I sew all the pieces together, God knows what it will look like when I'm done with that :-)


Mousecanknit said...

The jumper is absolutely adorable and perfectly suited for either a boy or a girl, I'd think.

If you have any questions about knitting or what not, let me know :) And there are gobs and gobs of rather useful videos, on youtube and other pleaces, should you be interested.

I love hearing about people enjoying knitting -- it relaxes me, that's why I do it, but it's nice to hear about other people enjoying it as well, with such spectacular results :)

Tim Dowling said...

Hi Mousecanknit,

Thanks for the lovely compliment. I'm glad you think it's suitable either for a boy or girl.

I never thought of looking on youtube for knitting tips, I look on youtube for everything else LOL.

I'm knitting a scarf and hat( I'm gonna try some gloves too!) for a friend's birthday now. I hope he likes it, the weather's so warm now, he might be a little confused!

Mousecanknit said...

Fortunately scarves don't go bad :)