Sunday, April 5, 2009

TCD Life-Painting

Been busy doing some painting in my free time as you can see. It's been really fun to go the second-sitting of the pose. I hope next sitting I'll be able to capture the model's face in the painting, she has such a great face for painting, it's very sculptural. God, now I'm sounding like the teacher....someone help me. LOL

This is a portrait of my friend Jurgen. I know the eyes aren't done so well but I really enjoyed painting this portrait. Usually when I draw I make sure that I capture the eyes and try to make it look like person but this time I had more fun playing around with the colours and expermenting on the painting.

Our next task for homework is to do a self-portrait in acrylic and anything else of our choice. I'll see if Volodya will pose for me our else I'll take a trip to the botantic garden paint something there....I was supposed to go to Howth and paint there but I don't think that's gonna happen.

..... and last a warm up drawing....I just liked this pose.


etre-moral-etre-sincere said...

why do you think I won't pose to you???? :-) x

Tim Dowling said...

I think u can be pretty bored with me painting you've done those weird poses for me before and you didn't like doing it...but let's start with some 1 hour sittings....we can do about 1 hour a day, that would be cool!

tinylittlesandra said...

Tim - these are looking great! Your really improving :P