Sunday, January 18, 2009

Illustration ! ! !

Hey All, Happy New Year - will be posting more often this year hopefully - finally gotten round to play around with photoshop a little more. I never use these programs cause I'm hopeless with colouring stuff in computers - usually I'm make loads of little thumbnail colour sketches and then paint the final thing. This time I wanted to do that in photoshop before I sat down and start doing the water-colour sketch.

Let me know what you think of it - feedback is welcome! If you know any good sites to learn how to draw and paint in photoshop, please drop a link - Photoshop's pretty cool but nothing beats the real thing!!

Will post the watercolour sketch soon!


Ben Harper said...
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Ben Harper said...

Hey tim, great drawing, the colour work is very nice too. I'm in the same boat with regards to colouring in photoshop myself. I've been using it a bit lately tho. However I've been using the mouse to paint with, which doesn't really help.

Aoife said...

Yo Timmay! love the pic, it's real cute. i haven't worked that much in photoshop myself. flash has taken over my life ha ha.

Tim Dowling said...

Thanks guys for the comments :-)
Really can't wait to see your films!
Ben: I think you can get those smaller tablets for a half-decent price -check out ebay!